DarkCoinDarkcoin is a Bitcoin clone that has one extra feature over all other crypto currencies available so far: it is anonymous.

Now many people think that Bitcoins are already anonymous, but they are mistaken. ¬†All Bitcoin types are fully traceable by study and access to the underlying ledger of all transactions: the Blockchain. This is why any fraudulent activity can be traced and fraudsters should be wary! And such a fact should close down the argument about usage of Bitcoin’s for criminal activity.

Now arrived on the scene is a Bitcoin that does have much more privacy, no not for frauds! But for more privacy. Any real and legitimate police fraud investigations will still be available to legitimate authorities. Having said that Darcoin enables a two way fully private transaction between two consenting parties, without assisting any third party involvement.

There is a huge potential market for this concept.

Darkcoin is set to realise a big market capitalisation as many miners and users migrate to it for privacy.