A Blockchain based future

chainThe concept of using the Blockchain source code to construct new versions of current websites and mobile Apps to build them as really autonomous, open and accountable, yet totally secure and with the core methodology owned by no individuals is on the horizon. Web services are becoming envisioned that will be totally independent and not owned or operated by middlemen and companies who have so far in history used such ‘property’ as their own private milk cow. Often these organisations and individuals have benefited considerably whilst ridding on a system, product or service that is considered a herald of public good and public utility or public service.

True even handed openness, transparency are qualities to have in on-line operations; as the boss of Facebook encourages us to accept, but this openness does not include, him or them. Them being the corporations that now own the monoliths that dominate internet services. And transparency so far with the giant service providers on the internet tends to provide the government and its agencies with back door abilities to sneak peep at private conversations (Snowden).
The Blockchain is an open accounts ledger viewable by all contributors, and not a closed one sided transaction book.

This can all change with the move of such services to become re-constructed, rebuilt and renamed and launched as a true open and accountable services using the Blockchain as the sub structure platform; why we could even have really secure democratic elections, even continuous referenda to ‘guide our elected representatives’ who say that they serve us, yet virtually everything we do find out about them is driven by their own self service.

The TELEGRAPH is beginning to understand what is happening with its article about: The coming digital anarchy.Why they have to use the word ANARCHY as a description of a move away from centralised control to an even handed and really democratic digital future just goes to show how the mainstream media have a mindset of name tagging to generate a hidden meaning in the message: must be bad?

Yes it could be bad for the current power gatherers of centralised thinking and operations as its hard for them to break-out of pre-formatted metal-set thinking. Thankfully such mental constrictions are not barriers to the new wave of digital-web visionaries.

So it could be goodbye, soon to: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, EBAY, PAYPAL, etc and may even force changes with AMAZON (for example – authors could sell their books directly) and even GOOGLE will have to change, if these concepts achieve a public tipping point of acceptance. And this is not so far-fetched; as more and more news about government, political, banking and other shenanigans begins to break through the ‘imperial conditioning’ of the masses by the mainstream media and the political thought police of the political elite. The blockchain can even bypass the need for “the authorities”.

And those that persieve this awakening will be the initial beneficiaries of gaining some financial reward by generating these new systems set to replace the current majors who dominate web based activity at present.

They, these new entrepreneurs of the digital ethics community, are beginning to do it technically and will probably launch for supportive funding on:



bank of the future

One that has begun is RIVETZS a system for Bitpay to be secured onto mobile devices.