Maxcoin is very sad and making me even sadder.
Today it stands at around . 006 of a $Dollar.

I only found out today that I was supposed to make a transfer of my Maxcoins to another Exchange.

And I was not emailed or informed by any active means only passively, if I checked my account. My account has been stationary as the Maxcoin deflated in value. So I did not have a need to constantly check it I left in for a longer term, hopeful upward movement.

Checking today I see a notice informing me that if I had not actively moved all my Maxcoins to another exchange I would lose them all by default of a short two month time scale.
Remember they did not actively tell be about this, such a thing in the financial world (UK) is probably illegal.

Also a further outrage is that these folks wanted to make a transfer charge. A fee of £50 $dollars. Do the math regarding the coins face value!

So I tried to contact someone to ask if it was too late. But NO RESPONSE.

I think this is the sort of thing that gets bitcoins a very bad namer; shenanigans of this nature puts these exchanges into a very poor none professional and ambivalent way of trading and customer relations.

Also I wonder what Max Keiser has to say about the coin with his name causing such injustice to purchasers.

Here is the notice they put out:


From the Webpage at –

Yes I know that this is the exchange that holds, issues, transfers the coins, therefore is at arms length from Mr Keiser but such sharp practice doesn’t reflect upon him favourably.