Future Predictions


If you could glean a little prescience of the future, it would be useful for financial investments amongst lots of other considerations. The film Minority Report was about predicting future crimes with detectives arresting the future perpetrator before the event takes place. Science Fiction.

Bots-Digital - crawlersCliff High is a martial arts practitioner and a computer code expert, who has built a web-bot crawler that acts in a similar method to a  subset application akin to a Google search for key words. These subjects as words or strings and phrases are crawled over and gathered as data sets, his algorithm analyses them for comparisons and repetitiveness from multiple sources: i.e. social media. Cliff then comments upon the overall data collected and gives a verbal interpretation of what’s going on; much of it is weird, scary – such things excite.


HalfPastHumanNow this is all based upon the supposed fact that people, humans are prescient. Like many science fiction themes have  shown to have encompassed ideas, concepts and methods and inventions and circumstances that turn out to become actualities. So, Cliff reckons that all the chatter if collated appropriately, can be somewhat predictive. Of course many of his predictions have proved to be TOTALLY non events. But then others could be interpreted as hitting the mark.

BitcoinsMany of his predictions are concerned with financial circumstances and Bitcoins, and his preferred payment method is for partial Bitcoin exchange

The Five Stages of Collapse Survivors' Toolkit

Cliff High (Radio Interview) operates the predictive website Half Past Human and calls his predictions WUJO’s. He is predicting much trouble ahead, financial upheaval as well as physical Earth changes.  A free example from a  past WUJO giving an idea about this service is available here:

Immediacy Data Intelligence Report July 10, 2014

The Interpretations of the information is a sketchy outline, very hard to pin anything down precisely, but may give a general predictive overview. Apparently a fair percentage (more than 50%) turns out to be approximately referential to events that did occur.

The information covers a large range of subjects: Earth changes, Financial circumstances, political, crimes etc. and the Solar System radiation increasing. This talk covers items from financial ‘things to come’ to the possibility that the Earth is expanding!

Cliff High’s website for purchasing weekly forecasts is:


A comment from the editor of Grinning Planet


I’m no longer updating this page—or following Cliff High. After years of listening to his predictions and skewing my actions based on his information, only to find time after time that the predictions did not materialize, I say enough already. Whether there was ever any validity to his work, or whether it’s been subverted by TPTB, it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that no matter how fascinating Cliff High’s information is or how guru-ish he sounds, continuing to follow the Bots would be throwing good time after bad:  Grinning Planet.