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The One Eyed Man



In the land of the blind even a one eyed man is the leader. Or should be. The single eyed view of the world may not be entirely correct, he does not have all the information. But if you are blind how do you believe them; if your ears are filled with audio propaganda. There is no one more blind than those who do not want to see, due to their media conditioning telling them the opposite.

The Ministry of Truth: Truth is Lies – George Orwell.

Watch some one eyed men:

Mark Dycegiving away real money.

Charles Coppes 

Gordon T Long: Typing Points.

Max Kieser

An optimist is somebody who doesn’t know all the facts.

Future Predictions


If you could glean a little prescience of the future, it would be useful for financial investments amongst lots of other considerations. The film Minority Report was about predicting future crimes with detectives arresting the future perpetrator before the event takes place. Science Fiction.

Bots-Digital - crawlersCliff High is a martial arts practitioner and a computer code expert, who has built a web-bot crawler that acts in a similar method to a  subset application akin to a Google search for key words. These subjects as words or strings and phrases are crawled over and gathered as data sets, his algorithm analyses them for comparisons and repetitiveness from multiple sources: i.e. social media. Cliff then comments upon the overall data collected and gives a verbal interpretation of what’s going on; much of it is weird, scary – such things excite.


HalfPastHumanNow this is all based upon the supposed fact that people, humans are prescient. Like many science fiction themes have  shown to have encompassed ideas, concepts and methods and inventions and circumstances that turn out to become actualities. So, Cliff reckons that all the chatter if collated appropriately, can be somewhat predictive. Of course many of his predictions have proved to be TOTALLY non events. But then others could be interpreted as hitting the mark.

BitcoinsMany of his predictions are concerned with financial circumstances and Bitcoins, and his preferred payment method is for partial Bitcoin exchange

The Five Stages of Collapse Survivors' Toolkit

Cliff High (Radio Interview) operates the predictive website Half Past Human and calls his predictions WUJO’s. He is predicting much trouble ahead, financial upheaval as well as physical Earth changes.  A free example from a  past WUJO giving an idea about this service is available here:

Immediacy Data Intelligence Report July 10, 2014

The Interpretations of the information is a sketchy outline, very hard to pin anything down precisely, but may give a general predictive overview. Apparently a fair percentage (more than 50%) turns out to be approximately referential to events that did occur.

The information covers a large range of subjects: Earth changes, Financial circumstances, political, crimes etc. and the Solar System radiation increasing. This talk covers items from financial ‘things to come’ to the possibility that the Earth is expanding!

Cliff High’s website for purchasing weekly forecasts is:

A comment from the editor of Grinning Planet


I’m no longer updating this page—or following Cliff High. After years of listening to his predictions and skewing my actions based on his information, only to find time after time that the predictions did not materialize, I say enough already. Whether there was ever any validity to his work, or whether it’s been subverted by TPTB, it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that no matter how fascinating Cliff High’s information is or how guru-ish he sounds, continuing to follow the Bots would be throwing good time after bad:  Grinning Planet.


Maxcoin is very sad and making me even sadder.
Today it stands at around . 006 of a $Dollar.

I only found out today that I was supposed to make a transfer of my Maxcoins to another Exchange.

And I was not emailed or informed by any active means only passively, if I checked my account. My account has been stationary as the Maxcoin deflated in value. So I did not have a need to constantly check it I left in for a longer term, hopeful upward movement.

Checking today I see a notice informing me that if I had not actively moved all my Maxcoins to another exchange I would lose them all by default of a short two month time scale.
Remember they did not actively tell be about this, such a thing in the financial world (UK) is probably illegal.

Also a further outrage is that these folks wanted to make a transfer charge. A fee of £50 $dollars. Do the math regarding the coins face value!

So I tried to contact someone to ask if it was too late. But NO RESPONSE.

I think this is the sort of thing that gets bitcoins a very bad namer; shenanigans of this nature puts these exchanges into a very poor none professional and ambivalent way of trading and customer relations.

Also I wonder what Max Keiser has to say about the coin with his name causing such injustice to purchasers.

Here is the notice they put out:


From the Webpage at –

Yes I know that this is the exchange that holds, issues, transfers the coins, therefore is at arms length from Mr Keiser but such sharp practice doesn’t reflect upon him favourably.

The best things in life can be free…

Money Transfer sign

One of the best things about Bitcoins is the fact that you can send money (Bitcoins) to anyone anywhere in the world without incurring transaction fees, transfer fees and without any bank charges: goodbye to all that!

Goodbye Travelex, goodbye Western Union, goodbye bank fees for sending money abroad and goodbye to fees for payments sent or received for transferring your own money!

They have had it good for too long for doing almost nothing: that’s the way monopolist think and that kind of thinking leads to their downfall.

“Bitcoin is the greatest invention in history after the Internet”
Roger Ver

A Blockchain based future

chainThe concept of using the Blockchain source code to construct new versions of current websites and mobile Apps to build them as really autonomous, open and accountable, yet totally secure and with the core methodology owned by no individuals is on the horizon. Web services are becoming envisioned that will be totally independent and not owned or operated by middlemen and companies who have so far in history used such ‘property’ as their own private milk cow. Often these organisations and individuals have benefited considerably whilst ridding on a system, product or service that is considered a herald of public good and public utility or public service.

True even handed openness, transparency are qualities to have in on-line operations; as the boss of Facebook encourages us to accept, but this openness does not include, him or them. Them being the corporations that now own the monoliths that dominate internet services. And transparency so far with the giant service providers on the internet tends to provide the government and its agencies with back door abilities to sneak peep at private conversations (Snowden).
The Blockchain is an open accounts ledger viewable by all contributors, and not a closed one sided transaction book.

This can all change with the move of such services to become re-constructed, rebuilt and renamed and launched as a true open and accountable services using the Blockchain as the sub structure platform; why we could even have really secure democratic elections, even continuous referenda to ‘guide our elected representatives’ who say that they serve us, yet virtually everything we do find out about them is driven by their own self service.

The TELEGRAPH is beginning to understand what is happening with its article about: The coming digital anarchy.Why they have to use the word ANARCHY as a description of a move away from centralised control to an even handed and really democratic digital future just goes to show how the mainstream media have a mindset of name tagging to generate a hidden meaning in the message: must be bad?

Yes it could be bad for the current power gatherers of centralised thinking and operations as its hard for them to break-out of pre-formatted metal-set thinking. Thankfully such mental constrictions are not barriers to the new wave of digital-web visionaries.

So it could be goodbye, soon to: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, EBAY, PAYPAL, etc and may even force changes with AMAZON (for example – authors could sell their books directly) and even GOOGLE will have to change, if these concepts achieve a public tipping point of acceptance. And this is not so far-fetched; as more and more news about government, political, banking and other shenanigans begins to break through the ‘imperial conditioning’ of the masses by the mainstream media and the political thought police of the political elite. The blockchain can even bypass the need for “the authorities”.

And those that persieve this awakening will be the initial beneficiaries of gaining some financial reward by generating these new systems set to replace the current majors who dominate web based activity at present.

They, these new entrepreneurs of the digital ethics community, are beginning to do it technically and will probably launch for supportive funding on:



bank of the future

One that has begun is RIVETZS a system for Bitpay to be secured onto mobile devices.


DarkCoinDarkcoin is a Bitcoin clone that has one extra feature over all other crypto currencies available so far: it is anonymous.

Now many people think that Bitcoins are already anonymous, but they are mistaken.  All Bitcoin types are fully traceable by study and access to the underlying ledger of all transactions: the Blockchain. This is why any fraudulent activity can be traced and fraudsters should be wary! And such a fact should close down the argument about usage of Bitcoin’s for criminal activity.

Now arrived on the scene is a Bitcoin that does have much more privacy, no not for frauds! But for more privacy. Any real and legitimate police fraud investigations will still be available to legitimate authorities. Having said that Darcoin enables a two way fully private transaction between two consenting parties, without assisting any third party involvement.

There is a huge potential market for this concept.

Darkcoin is set to realise a big market capitalisation as many miners and users migrate to it for privacy.




Mining and the Blockchain


The Blockchain & Mining.

The BlockChain:  each Bitcoin’s underlying cryptographic software code, is in fact a combination of alphanumeric scripts (e.g.: 111222134445RRR666Trccc/?:000178nB).  A record of this combined with all the activity, the transactions including the mining of each Bitcoin, is recorded; there is a ledger for each and every transaction and every single Bitcoin can be traced (Okay this needs skill, but it is a fact). The Blockchain is a combination of the type of Bitcoin and underlying code (there are many types) each may have code variations, so this underlying code and every transaction and sale of every Bitcoin makes up the Blockchain, which is downloaded to every mining computer. The Blockchain is completely transparent. Unlike money which once in circulation becomes untraceable.

This model of the Blockchain lends itself to other uses for all types of quantifiable and transparent and open source operations. It can even run elections!

Mining Bitcoins: Bitcoins are generated by cracking the complex mathematical coded problems within which they are embedded, requiring significant computing power and a lot of time, and therefore electricity: Bitcoin Wiki.

It takes approximately 10 minutes (on a slow machine) to remove a hashing block # which is like redundant code, not Bitcoin code itself and it can take weeks of continuous hashing # # #  to reach anything of significance; a block which may take two weeks on very fast high spec machines.

Its not difficult to do: mining Bitcoins is fairly simple, the software is free, most people don’t know that its so easy and it only requires a little computer expertise to set up a PC to mine Bitcoins. But there are obstacles, it requires constant operation and can cost more to do so with electricity charges outpacing any Bitcoin results. Most mining is also, now taking place on expensive graphic card based dedicated machines, with lots of collaborators sharing results which are blocks of numerous Bitcoins, which are sub divided and shared to the participants. This is known as a mining pool.

Its possible to earn a small share of results for doing some hashing # and thus removing some of the massive amounts of intervening code that obscures / hides pockets of blocks of Bitcoins.

Rasberry Pie Bitcoin mining.

Its possible to set up a low cost ‘Rig’ to constantly run the mining hardware (and software downloaded onto an SD card) with a Block Errupter. Low cost is of course relative.

YouTube Video: how to set-up the hardware to mine.

Each Block errupter can do 3000 plus Mega-Hashes# per second; and this gives you an idea of how big and how deeply hidden the embedded Bitcoins are! The Software.

Cost – V – results: the cost of mining when all things are considered can be more than the results. Its now easy to build the hardware, but its not an insignificant cost, additionally the cost of running continuously # for weeks on end in electricity charges will mount up.

Some professional mining operations even move to low cost electricity locations – locating the hardware in Iceland for example where charges are fairly low. So you can appreciate that an individual miner is up against it!

Mining Bitcoins when their value exceeds $500 is well worthwhile, so to is being part of a shared collaborative mining pool to be somewhat certain of gaining some revenue.

However if the price drops or you are mining lower value Bitcoins, then it makes little sense and is better to simply buy them: on a risk, chance and futures gamble!

Coins-e   is a Bitcoin Digital Trading Platform. Here you can compare buy and exchange and trade; remember that such trading exchanges charge a fee in the buying/selling price to cover their operation. However unlike the failed MTGox exchange this one gives you the actual Bitcoin code.

Security:  And its very important to save your Bitcoin code OFFLINE to a CD/DVD/SD Card/ USB or even print it out.

ANT Miner:


So I ran this ANT Miner set -up (shown above), it has a very high spec;  for a month in a mining pool, and got £3 worth share of a Bitcoin!

So you can see that this is never going to pay out!

Next I will try this same rig on s single mining operation; maybe I’ll get lucky?

Tune in in a month or so for my evaluation…

The Why, What, How, When and Where of Bitcoins: (Pt3)

Cybercurrency and bad news.


Bitcoin trading is volatile with huge swings in value but this is a new concept and will most probably follow other past and similar introductions; eventually settling down to acceptance. Of course at that stage all the early promise of making huge gains by risky trading will have been ironed out.

At such an interim phase it is expected that there will be more bad news than good. Bad news always sold newspapers, it excites the emotions. Also there will be bad news stories being out of real proportion and spreading misconceptions, diverting public opinion. Such forces are represented by those organisations that fear alternative currency acceptance. You know who they are; Bitcoins are direct transactions cutting out of the picture the middleman the credit card processors, the bankers.

Recent news items regarding frauds, and the collapse of the biggest Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox grabbed world-wide headlines and TV news: sound bits and headlines hit the spot as attention deficit disorder is a plague that humans have these days and the media know it. So also do the folks pushing stories to the media. Bad news stories without any depth of understanding. The message the public get is: Hmmm Bitcoins bad, very bad. Its propaganda.


Such news is often initiated and encouraged in the media with a possible hidden agenda? An attempt to diminish the real value to the ordinary citizen? Scare tactics surrounding Bitcoins? The real issues  are not presented or are distorted. For example the recent collapse of the trading exchange Mt Gox, a Japanese enterprise that allegedly failed due a common fraud well known in ‘real’ money and gold & silver related frauds. Mt Gox was holding more Bitcoins on their clients behalf than they actually had in stock. A scam. But one that virtually all national banks do; holding fractional reserves (hardly any gold) and trading in paper gold receipts! A Pyramid type Ponzy scheme. They just don’t get exposed!  Paper money currency fraud happens almost daily and nobody attributes the blame to money itself!  Money or gold is not put in clink! Fraud is a human initiated crime.  Its not possible for the currency itself to do it. But this is exactly how the media interpret and portray any Bitcoin related fraud!

Bitcoins don’t enable fraud nor does any currency, we don’t ban the use of Dollars or Pounds to tackle fraud, but this is what is inclined in bad news articles; how ridiculous. If such journalists said we must ban money to stop banking fraud their stupidity and lack of understanding would be exposed!

Another item they don’t mention, probably they have no idea what it means: the  Blockchain the inherent ledger of Bitcoining currency can trace every Bitcoin!  Its not possible to do this with printed money.

Mt Gox Bitcoins may have been stolen, if they ever existed. An exchange holding paper receipted Bitcoins on behalf of clients is not the way to hold them. Such a practice is just the same as holding gold with an exchange and getting a paper receipt; you don’t own real physical gold. This was the modus operandi of Mt Gox; supposedly mimicking a gold trading exchange. But it ran fowl with a run on its holdings, demanded by clients, following a so called insider robbery. Nobody got their Bitcoins. This is not the fault of the Bitcoins! Its the risk of dealing with exchanges controlled by people and should there be a run on major gold exchanges you can expect the same results: maybe the national government would have to pay out in printed (QE) money thus short-changing paper gold investors.

Its also not fully appreciated by fraudsters: that alt-currency can ultimately be traced to the current holder. This fact alone will avoid fraud on digital currency; this is tracing through the blockchain: however it does require time and skill to do it.

Security note: repeated often –   Bitcoins (a cryptographic alphanumeric code) should be stored offline onto a computer, a disc, an SD memory card or USB making it fully secure personal money in a ‘digital wallet’ you can take and use anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. But keep it off your mobile only plugging in your separately stored SD card at the time of use.



The Why, What, How, When and Where of Bitcoins: (Pt2)

In Digital Cryptography do we trust!


Bitcoin ATM’s are now emerging and being installed in public locations, they are easier in many ways to operate than cash machines and much more secure. They provide simple methods to purchase Bitcoins by inserting money or by linking to a person’s digital bank payment. Some of these machines can also exchange cash back for Bitcoins reversing the process.

You can see that a real and solid market is being established.

With some emerging Bitcoin ATM’s you can link your mobile phone for a very personalised totally secure transfer and control of your funds. Then loading the Bitcoins to your phone wallet, which must be separately secured. Its best to put your Bitcoin currency off-loaded onto an SD card kept separately from your phone (or loaded to a USB).

Like Gold and Silver Bitcoin’s are independent and privately owned valuable entities in their own right with the exchange values with printed money. However unlike printed money your Bitcoins are far less likely to be eaten away by inflationary pressures e.g. (Q E) the printing of money out of thin air by the agencies of government, national banks. One time banks had to have reserves to underpin the money supply and loans, but now they only have none at all or minimal fractional reserves – i.e. meaning little or nothing whatsoever to back it up: just belief! There is more paper gold than was ever mined. These practices undermine the value of fiat paper money and bank and investment savings: the Dollar and Pound in spending value have reduced by over 80% in the last forty years, whilst real underlying and unreported (hidden) inflation rises.

A crypto-currency has the same up/down values of money but without the interference and unnatural tinkering and devaluations for political and trading advantages which the currency controllers have a monopolistic ‘right’ to fiddle with. With alt-currency they have no such capacity. Bitcoins have an intrinsic value akin to gold & silver. Digital Bitcoins, crypto-currency is the first ever trading method that has very minimal if any outsider influence and gives all its value to its owner. This is probably the worst thing that bankers and governments could have ever imagined; a potential ending of their financial shenanigans as money is their power over ‘their’ financially captive population. Money in the hands of an independent population changes the power see-saw in favour of true democracy: so its little surprise that Russia and China have banned Bitcoins!

Many communities want to move out of or into a parallel trading system of real personal and community value. This was first tried as a concept in the 1980’s LETS (Local Community Trading Systems). Such a system could become much more concrete if it adopted alt-currencies as its exchange vehicle.

Of course the acceptance and first world trading and purchasing utilization of Bitcoins will bring them fully into the commercial transaction sphere of public retailing, this is beginning:

Illuminated-Bitcoin-sign  subway-accepts-bitcoin

Bitcoins can be sent over the internet securely between individuals and can be used to pay for goods and services just like paper money through a retail till that is connected to the internet. Bitcoin’s meet all the criteria needed in modern commerce for our digitally interactive and interconnected modern world.

Sandwiches can be purchased at Subway and all sorts of goods purchased from, an early major on-line retailer to first adopt. These are just two examples of retailers who are adopting payment by Bitcoins. Expect a lot more soon.

When something really begins to happen it gets its own magazine and Bitcoins are no exception: Bitcoin Magazine.



The Why, What, How, When and Where of Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are alternative currency but primarily an e-cash payment system.



Bitcoin Price

The first internet digital transaction payment method to be significant  was PAYPAL. Most people’s reaction to it was that they would never pay for anything on the internet, and the agencies that controlled the money supply and credit cards were very dubious of such operations. Wind the tape on ten years and Amazon and the vast majority of on-line retailers and service providers accept digital cash transfers and the leader is Paypal, which was eventually bought by Ebay. ClickBank is a variation, with similarities.

Today’s world of online retailing and electronic payment systems could not have flourished without systems like Paypal but it would have been much more slow to introduce it if left to the banks (card issuers) who were entirely happy with the methods of scalping exorbitant fees to enable such processes. With Ebay controlling Paypal who can say that it is not operated in the interest of its owners and not so for its users, other than convenience but no real alternative giving the payees themselves some independence and control. That is until the birth of Bitcoins.

Adoption of Bitcoins is only a matter of time, but it needs greater acceptance before on-line and physical retailing and services and bill payments will be made with Bitcoins: this can be predicted, because when a sufficient number of people wake up to the advantages of doing so then large numbers of people will demand this option when they really do  appreciate the advantages that Alt-Currency provides. Of course this prediction has no timeline attached to it as currently we are in the embryonic phases of this process:  Paypal took ten years before it was widely accepted, but things are moving faster these days. However Bitcoins are very volatile in their valuation and until this settles down large scale adoption is unlikely. Interestingly its only at this stage that risk taking early adopters, investors and platform and service proposers can make bets upon the uptake and thus gain huge advantages. Bitcoins are bought and traded on exchanges, their value goes up and down and they are traded just like a foreign exchange market; like buying pounds or dollar trades against each other’s valuation. Initially Bitcoins are cryptographically mined to extract them by using computers to fire thousands upon thousands of cryptology numerical algorithms to chip away at the hidden numbers interface to reach a seem of correct number’s; a little like finding a seam of gold. Such mining operations sound complex but they aren’t,  but do cost electricity charges for continuous running. (More details on mining see Mining Operations).

The first Bitcoins were invented by a Japanese guy; Satoshi Nakamoto,  some say it was a group with this name simply as an identifier. Whatever the genesis, Bitcoins came into being as a very secure crypto-currency and a proposed alternative to ordinary currencies, credit systems and on-line payment options like Paypal: which are all based upon paper or printed money (Fiat Currency). These currencies have their failings; with the biggest being that the issuing bodies; banks and government’s can control the money supply, just by printing it.  This is inflationary (QE even more so) and has in the past always resulted in eventual collapse. Bitcoins have an inherent rarity quality (like gold) and have to be mined. This operation is a modern digital operation based upon widely dispersed and independently owned computers using Peer to Peer (P2P) cryptographic operations. This means that no one is in control. The cryptography cannot be breached. The network runs over but is independent from the internet. Miners who hit a correct block of Bitcoins, which are unique crypto-coded results, obtain them without cost nor with any controlling issuer, but do incur electricity charges for long-term running. Early Bitcoin miners have and do stand to gain significantly from their efforts. This is the method for obtaining, circulating and interchanging the Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are best to be held within a secure digital code inside a cryptographic wallet, that should be put onto a USB or other offline storage ‘safe’ methods.

As the initial Bitcoins gathered acceptance and momentum, others adopted the code, some adding extra value options and security etc. So currently we have the emergence of many Bitcoin alternatives and clones. The early starters Bitcoin and Litecoin have right now much higher exchange valuations than the rest. But who can predict the winners. Will one single Bitcoin become the Amazon of the market, or will multiples flourish, especially those related to special interest groupings or national alliances?

The Bitcoin runners and riders Alt-Currency clones:

BITCOIN  LiteCoin-Logo  MaxCoin

 Bitcoin                                 Litecoin                                       Maxcoin

auroracoin  Indian-Nations-Bitcoin-Currency Dogecoin

auroracoin                                  MAZACOIN                     dogecoin

Wiki List of Alternative Bitcoins